Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Strange Package Arrives

I've been waiting for the promised copies of my first published article to arrive.  Every large envelope that has arrived has made me hold my breath until I can scan the return address.

Another arrived this past week but sadly was addressed to someone I did not know.  A wrong address?  But wait, my heart fluttered seeing the return address.  It was from the magazine!  Right return - wrong addressee.  Did that mean that they had published my article with the wrong name?  Oh, cruel fate.  My first article and it would not bear my name! 

Hands shaking, I tore it open, flipping to find my article.  My words were there for the world to see.  Huge sigh of name printed correctly, in bold no less.

The rest of the afternoon was spent rereading my words aloud to the dogs.  They were the only ones around to appreciate my good fortune and share in a realized dream.

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