Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Snow on the ground, icicles hanging from gutters, cold that bites at your skin - yep, it's winter.  I have to remind myself not to forget to add the weather into my writing.  Mother Nature, naughty or nice, must not be ignored.

Someone once said, without the weather, what would we have to talk about?  It's a connection between people that is constant.  Most of us have experienced variations in sunlight, temperature or precipitation.  (Sounds very scientific)  Those experiences bring us closer to the worlds of fiction.  Also, the extremes in weather that we haven't experienced, tempt us with the unknown.  I have never lived through a tornado or walked through a desert, but great authors have taken me there.  I swirled with Dorthy and trudged through the sands with Aladdin.  I've experienced the bone chilling cold on the other side of the wardrobe with Lucy and lived through a dark and stormy night with Meg.

Let it snow!


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  1. OOh OOH me too! And you're so right about that weather connection!