Sunday, January 9, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

I consider myself on blogger honeymoon.  I have yet to send myself out into the world in a meaningful manner.  I have not networked, I don't post comments, I ignore the unwritten rules of etiquette.  In short, I'm happy to remain anonymous.

I find that once you open one blog, it inevitably leads to another.  It's like Alice falling through that hole.  You'll never know what you will find.  In a pleasant way, it also becomes a black hole of time.  I may convince myself that it's research but I find myself in the realm of distraction.  I love searching the personal elements of a blogger as much as I love finding words that melt on my tongue.

I set a goal to push myself out of my cozy little shell.  As it approaches, I wonder if I want to look into the "wardrobe" of the world beyond me.  I guess I must.

For the moment, I'll hang the do-not-disturb sign on my door.

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