Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are You Happy Now?

Imagine a teenager stuffing his hands in jean pockets, head-down and mumbling a begrudging thank you.  That's how I feel.  My critique group has been prodding me to submit a query - short of literally using an electric cattle prod.  They have been encouraging and patient.

Well, I did it.  I sent it off after obsessively rechecking my spelling, reviewing grammar and rereading guidelines fifteen times.  Thanks to my fellow blogger C. for her article, "A Day in The Life of a Querier."  (  She enlighted me with humor and helped me realize that a query will never be PERFECT.  You hit the send button and know you have committed a faux pas at some point in the query.  It takes nerves of steel and a realization that a publisher will not be knocking on my front door.  (Although, it is a pretty door...I have a direct view from my computer.  There have been occasional day-dreams of an agent showing up with a toothpaste-ad smile and a list of publishing houses awaiting my manuscript.  Sigh.)

Back to reality!

Putting aside my anxiety, I  realize that I possess something I didn't twenty minutes ago.  Hope.  


  1. Good for you! An agent query then? Which writing sample did you submit? Your analogy to a sullen teenager is spot-on, you reluctant promoter.

  2. YEAH Laura!!! Darn, I didn't see this before critique group else I would have drilled you about it! ;--)