Thursday, August 12, 2010

Critique Groups

Everyone needs a good group of friends to support them in the highs and lows of life.  No news there.  I think it's the same with writing. 

Some friends will listen to you rattle off your latest idea with a smile.  More to support something you love than to truly appreciate the art of creating a story.  And, I'm blessed that they do smile instead of yawn. 

Then there is your critique group.  They GET it.  They are your editors, cheerleaders, critics, and motivators.  And what makes a successful group is the blending of personalities.

There is S - a polished professional, who has done everything in the correct order.  Her polished website is as bright as her smile.  There's J - an example of how to network and become involved in the writing community.  Her work with children keeps her in touch with her audience.  K - the most right-brained writer I know.  She challenges me to think.  There will be no sloppy writing because she will catch the smallest detail.  C - the girlfriend everyone wants to have.  Heading straight for success with an incredible humility.  J - creates the most beautiful scenes.  She cares about others writing as much as her own.

So are you jealous?  A critique group is, above all, honest and delivers suggestions with gentleness.  It is one of the best ways to improve your skills as a writer.  And in the process, make some wonderful friends.


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  1. AWWWW I love this! I'm not sure I'm how you describe me but *hugs*. I'm going to describe you as the director on a movie set who wants more "action" --ha! Plus, you are a Kick-A** writer!