Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DANGER - Blogging may be bad for you!

I have just realized the danger of blogging.  It compels you to write a quick witty entry and can easily become a distraction.  I laid awake thinking of some wonderful and not-so-wonderful entries.  (Why don't children drink out of garden hoses anymore?  In my mind, imagine the whiny voice from a SNL skit.  It was a better topic at 11:30 last night.  Honestly.)

But,  there is a redeeming quality!  I am forced to write in another manner other than my usual solitude of a lengthy manuscript that is unseen by another set of eyes for months. (Even years - see my homage to Emily in my first post.)

The first rule of writing: butt-in-chair.  There is nothing to edit, query, critique without this discipline.  We all know it but life gets in the way.  There is an orthodontist appointment, my mother needs to be picked up at the airport, or the cat gets its head stuck in the garbage disposal.  (The last one is a true story that I read.)

So, I will look at this blog as a nudge to quit living like Emily.  Its time to put something out there.  Now, about that querying thing....

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