Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ten Minutes

When is there time to sit down and write?  Honestly!  I block out time for my writing every week but it isn't enough.  I'm forced to ask myself if the ten minutes I have before cooking dinner is worth it.  But then there's the twenty minutes I find while waiting for the dryer to go off.  Fifteen minutes magically appear when the kids are outside.  Oh, and my husband called and said that he was running late.  That means an extra thirty minutes before I have to cook dinner.  (And, if I can rationalize that a breakfast dinner is just as healthy as a normal dinner...I gain another ten minutes!) 

When those precious minutes present themselves, don't dismiss them as unworthy.  They roll together and add up to time that is productive and valuable.  Even if it is means spending ten minutes reworking a character name.  Twila Martini is a much better name than Peggy Burns...

I finished my blog early!  Another five minutes gained. 

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