Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello? Anyone there?

Hello?  (Crickets chirping in the background.)

Okay, my witty writing is ready to shine like a beacon in the night.  Too much?  Well maybe, I'll settle for having more followers than I can count on one hand.

I remember watching the movie Julie and Julia.  The main character, Julie, starts blogging about her adventures in cooking her way through Julia Childs famous cookbook.  The scene that tugged at my heartstrings had Julie sitting in front of her computer screen waiting anxiously for someone to read her blog.

Likewise, I'm there.  With any new endeavour, patience is a hard pill to swallow.  Just add a little wine in honor of Julia.

Interested in the original blog I reference?


Nobody here but us servantless American cooks...


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  1. How convenient for Julie that her book was intrinsically tied to to her blogging! Pure genius! So she wasn't neglecting her writing by blogging, the blogging created the foundation for her book. I think Christine's comments are good ones and I think you have the right attitude. Write about what interests you. In the meantime visit other blogs and start commenting on those posts that you like, but devote only a certain amount of time per day to it. (Maybe over coffee after the kids head off to school?) Easy for me to say as a non-blogger, right?