Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Better Than Chocolate...

Feel free to substitute any noun in place of chocolate, as long as it's something you LOVE.

It's that time during the writing process that makes me feel like Charlie finding his golden ticket.  Tomorrow, I begin writing a new book. 

The idea has floated around in my brain being refined for months and now its time to take the first step.  Turn on laptop, ignore the phone, and begin.  Characters have been molded in my mind.  A lady with a rather outdated hairstyle, a particularly obnoxious voice, or other things of note will find their way into my book.

I love names.  There is a time when you know its the right fit.  A name that you've come across during your other life that screams at you to be in your book.  No Jenny, Emily or Taylor will fit.  It must be ____.  Did you think I would tell you?

Maybe tomorrow.... Or, maybe I will write on the importance of cliffhangers.  


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  1. Ooooh. I'm excited too. I feel sort of motherly watching the words start to flow, the revisions, the re-revisions, and then one day I'm reading one of my critique group's thoroughly redone manuscripts and I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN and I say, "Damn, this is good enough to be published," and I'm as proud as a mama who just watched her baby take her first steps.