Monday, September 6, 2010

No Worries

Last blog...complain about no followers.  This blog...rationalize about lack of following.

Here's my "chin-up" speech to myself. 

How on Earth can anyone follow a blog and still have time to write, let alone see to the mundane tasks of life?  I have a very kind fellow blogger who has advised me about the etiquette of blogging.  It seems that you must follow others, comment on their blogs and invite them to join yours.

This is all very productive in rubbing cyber-elbows, but I have to pause and ask myself if being obscure is such a bad thing?  I don't worry about offending.  There are few to take offense.  I don't have to worry about following their blog.  I email them and follow their blogs as time allows.  (Without hurt feelings, thank goodness.)  Likewise. if someone clicks on my website, they were searching ME!

There is something very satisfying in being under the radar.  Here's the catch...while I prop myself up on this newfound acceptance, I realize that today's world demands that we stay connected. 

While I await the Facebook Friends, Tweets and  online love, I am content in the knowledge that I have this honeymoon time to work out my blog. 

Crickets chirping...quite relaxing, at least for now. 

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  1. Hey are you tweeting--what's your twitter handle?