Friday, September 10, 2010

Off to See the Wizard, I Mean Editor

I am sooooo excited.  (Obviously by my very childish use of the 'o' key.)  It's time for another annual SCBWI conference.  It provides motivation, knowledge and most importantly, hope.  Yep, that thing with feathers!

This will be my fourth one.  The first was marked by uncertainty, quietly sitting in the back of every breakout session and never walking near the critique rooms.  The second year I gave myself a pep talk and signed up for a critique.  She loved it!  Yes, I glowed the rest of the day.  After talks of representation, it was a "no" in the end.  Not letting myself wallow in misery, I dug out my conference notes and plodded onward.  The third conference was full of familiar faces, great workshops and a feeling that I was truly a part of all this 'writing stuff'.  The critique kept my feet firmly on the ground but the greatest thing to come out of this conference was the formation of a great critique group.  Thank you Kim!

So here I am at year four.  The swirl of emotions!  Anticipation of all the presenters that will encourage me to keep writing; knowledge that will be added to my growing awareness of the writing world; hope that maybe this will be the year that I bust out of my cozy shell. 

Next blog?  Will it be misery or joy?  Wait and see!

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